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What is MagicCraft (MCRT) Coin? Price Prediction

MagicCraft is a PvP Castle siege play-to-earn game launched on Binance Smart Chain, with an advanced guild , taxes, and economy. What is MagicCraft (MCRT) Coin? Price Prediction

  • (The information below is provided by the MagicCraft(MCRT) team. 

What is MagicCraft (MCRT) Coin?

MagicCraft is a PVP Castle Siege game launched on Binance Smart Chain, with an advanced guild system, taxes, and economy. Players may team up with each other and build clans to fight other clans on the platform.

In the Magic Craft world, there are seven powerful castles built by the Elders. These castles store magical energy within their walls, which is called Magicus. This mysterious substance, generated in millennial confrontations, is able to endow the owner with incredible strength. That’s why it is carefully guarded and is a cherished prize for many.

Emerge victorious among other clans, and then collect taxes in our native cryptocurrency known as $MCRT.

Each character has different traits, items, weapons, armor, spells, magic scrolls, clothes, attacks, and poses. You can collect these characters as you level up your game. You are free to trade these collectibles in the NFT marketplace as well in exchange for $MCRT.

The world of Magic Craft waits for you. And you are welcome to enter this world on free-to-play or play-to-earn model.

How to buy MagicCraft (MCRT) Coin?

MCRT is listed on the Gateio exchange. You must complete your subscription to the exchange to get it during the listing. Follow the steps below;

  • Start your registration here (Bonus Registration)
  • Fill in the required e-mail and password fields on the page that opens.
  • Then complete the mail verification
  • Finally complete the authentication
  • Start transactions with deposits or crypto money transfer

MagicCraft (MCRT) Coin Price Prediction

MCRT price estimates are in the table below. The data here is for user information purposes, not within the scope of investment advice.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $0.0163 $0.0175 $0.0187
2023 $0.0176 $0.0193 $0.0214
2024 $0.0164 $0.0202 $0.0238
2025 $0.0230 $0.0259 $0.0280
2026 $0.0216 $0.0243 $0.0263
2027 $0.0257 $0.0307 $0.0349
2028 $0.0390 $0.0439 $0.0474
2029 $0.0524 $0.0548 $0.0572
2030 $0.0589 $0.0618 $0.0642
2031 $0.0657 $0.0686 $0.0717

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