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What is Wombat Coin ? Price Prediction , Comment ! 

Wombat will hold a IDO on the 27. Jul. The IDO will happen on Polkastarter. (Details). What is Wombat Coin ? Price Prediction , Comment ! 

What is Wombat Coin ?

Wombat’s Coin (ticker symbol WOMBAT) is a multi-chain utility token which plays an important role for the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform for both gamers as well as game creators. Such utility token fuels all important activities in such ecosystem and can be used by users to receive significant benefits (hereinafter „WOMBAT“).

WOMBAT Coin will originally be minted on the Ethereum blockchain with a fixed supply of 10 billion. However, bridges like the Polygon bridge will be used to enable simple, fast and cheap usage and transacting of WOMBAT for users.

Wombat – The Web 3 Gaming Platform is one of the fastest growing blockchain & gaming ecosystems in the world. Hacken, a world-renowned audit institution, has been performed an audit of the WOMBAT smart contracts and assigned an overall score of 9.1 out of 10.

Wombat – The Web 3 Gaming Platform facilitates this ongoing paradigm shift with a strong focus on gamers’ needs, simplicity, security and comfort. We want to minimize the entry barriers for gamers and game publishers & studios to utilize Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and aim to bring Web 3 Games to the mass-market.

Wombat Coin Price Prediction , Comment ! 

Wombat coin is not yet listed . Price prediction t and comments will be updated here after listing.

How to Buy Wombat Coin ?

Wombat is offered for sale on the stock market where newly released coins are first listed. You can start trading by following the steps below!

  • Register on Gate.io and Log in
  • After logging in, complete user identity verification
  • Make sure you have enough balance of supported currency for the sale.

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