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What is Super Trump (STRUMP) Token and How to Buy It?


The Trump-themed meme token, which started to be listed on stock exchanges, is attracting intense interest. The project is currently the most studied crypto asset on Coin Market Cap. So, what is Super Trump (STRUMP) token, how to buy it, where to buy it?

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What is Super Trump (STRUMP) Token?

Super Trump (STRUMP) token is a meme coin inspired by Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. Meme coins generally do not serve any project or purpose. The following data is available on Strump’s website:

Don’t miss the super Trump community! With meme coin fever heating up and the BTC halving approaching, we are leading the way with $STRUMP.

Backed by an exclusive NFT collection, it’s clear Our unique crypto token is more than an investment Join us and discover a new way to be part of the digital economy while expressing your political beliefs! #SuperTrump #CryptoRevolution #Trump2024

How to Buy Super Trump (STRUMP) Token?

The answers to the questions of how to buy Super Trump (STRUMP), where to buy it, and the most reliable way to buy it are given below. To purchase, follow the steps below;

  1. Sign Up Here. 
  2. Find the STRUMP/USDT trading pair.
  3. You can now buy and sell. 

Super Trump (SOCKING)

Super Trump (STRUMP) Coin Market Cap (CMC)

Super Trump (STRUMP) is the most researched meme token on the Coin Market as of the date of writing. Meme tokens can experience significant price increases and are prone to extinction. For this reason, it may be advantageous for you to make your investment at a level where you can take risks. 

What is Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token and How to Buy It?


Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token was listed on exchanges for the first time. The listing brought with it some questions from thousands of users. So, exactly, what is Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token and how to Buy it?

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What is Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token ?

Thetanuts Finance is a decentralized on-chain options protocol focused on altcoin options and allows users to take long or short positions in on-chain options.

Thetanuts Finance’s first release in September 2021 saw the launch of Basic Vaults, where Basic Vaults sells cash-settled (“OTM”) European cash-settled options to accredited market makers, generating returns for users in the form of option premiums.

With the V3 upgrade, Thetanuts Finance will move towards a decentralized on-chain options protocol focused on altcoin options. Our first-to-market v3 architecture uses our existing Base Vault LP Tokens to extend new use cases in on-chain options trading, enabled by the Lending Marketplace and Uniswap v3 Pools, all hosted on the v3 interface.

$XYZ-C (Call Vault LP Token) and $XYZ-P (Put Vault LP Token) represent these tokenized Base Vault positions and form the backbone of all trading strategies in Thetanuts Finance v3.

How to Buy Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token?

Nuts Token is purchased from the most reliable exchange. To purchase, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Sign Up Here
  2. You can start trading on the NUTS/USDT trading pair. 
  3. You are now ready to trade. 

Important Milestones

History Major Milestone

September 2021

Launch of Base Vaults, which allow users to sell OTM Europaen cash-settled options to accredited market makers.

April 2022

An $18 million Seed round was raised with participation from QCP Capital, Deribit, Paradigm, GSR, Wintermute, Jump, GoldenTree, Tribe Capital and others .

June 2022

Launch of Thetanuts Finance Stronghold, an index product that combines multiple Core Strongholds.

January 2023

Launch of other Vaults including Tall Vaults (Buy side vaults), Degen Vaults (Exotic vaults), Roller Vaults (Physically located vaults in Europe).

April 2023

$17 million raised in Series A round led by Polychain Capital .

November 2023

Launch of Thetanuts Finance v3 Incentivized Alpha.

1st Quarter 2024

Launch of Thetanuts Finance v3 Mainnet. [Corrected] launch.

What is Arrow Markets (Arrow) Token and How to Buy It?


Arrow token will be listed in the Startup area for the first time and distributed as Airdrop. In this article, we will share all the details about what Arrow Markets (Arrow) token is and how to buy it. 

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What is Arrow Markets (Arrow) Token ?

In the traditional options market, options must be sold by a writer who receives the premium from the buyer and is responsible for paying the buyer if the option is exercised in the money.

As an options protocol on Avalanche, Arrow Markets provides users with the ability to purchase options without needing to be matched by a broker. Arrow will facilitate the creation and settlement of options on popular underlying assets such as AVAX, ETH, and BTC. 

Arrow Markets  is a global leader with backers from New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and London, including Framework Ventures, Alameda Ventures, QCP Soteria, DeFi Capital, RenGen, CMS Holdings, Avalanche Foundation and Delphi Digital Ventures. It is a project.

How to Buy Arrow Markets (Arrow) Token?

Arrow token will be listed on the Gate exchange in the startup area for the first time. Users can earn airdrops according to their VIP level. To purchase, follow the steps below;

  1. Sign Up Here. 
  2. Find the ARROW/USDT trading pair.
  3. You can now buy and sell. 

What is Arrow Token used for?

Arrow will enable end users to interact with DFMs (decentralized financial markets) built around arbitrary cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and AVAX. DFMs simplify the creation and settlement of options and allow users to create customized assets by combining options for strike, expiration, and underlying values.

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The Arrow platform is inspired in part by Nobel Prize-winning economists Kenneth Arrow and Gerard Debreu, who showed that the prices of financial assets could be reduced to the prices of a set of underlying contracts called Arrow-Debreu securities. Similarly, option contracts provide the basis for the prices of financial assets, allowing the creation of a wide variety of derivative and structured products.

The platform works by combining a decentralized aggregate counterparty (DAC) (responsible for settlement) with an options factory. Combining DAC with options factory gives us a decentralized financial market (DFM). The DAC and option factory can run on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains.

What is PairedWorld (PAIRED) Token and How to Buy It?


Paired, the native token of the PairedWorld project, will be listed on exchanges for the first time. Initial listing will only take place on the exchange listed below. So what exactly is PairedWorld (Paired) Token, how to get it, Mexc Launchpad details?

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What is PairedWorld (PAIRED) Token ?

PairedWorld is a collaborative initiative between established communities as well as leading experts in the fields of Blockchain, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics, and aims to demonstrate the transformative power of blockchain in driving social impact and enriching the lives of both individuals and global communities.

PairedWorld is the first and only social protocol that verifies and rewards Real World Interactions, powered by the PAIRED token. While the protocol tackles societal challenges such as digital addiction and loneliness, it also offers a new way for online communities to emerge in the physical world and opens new chapters in SocialFi, DeSoc and new datasets (RWIs) for consumer brands.

The company raised $1.5 million from funds such as Alpha Sigma Capital, De Medici Collection, Crypto Oasis Sentio, Gains Associates, Gemhead Capital, G-20 Group, Inacta Ventures, Spicy Capital, Unreal Capital and Unicorn Ventures.

How to Buy PairedWorld (PAIRED) Token?

Paired Token will be listed on the Mexc exchange for the first time. To purchase, follow the steps below;

  1. Sign Up Here. 
  2. Find Paired/USDT trading pair.
  3. You can now buy and sell. 

Mexc PairedWorld (PAIRED) Token Launchpad

Paired token will be listed on the Mexc exchange for the first time. The first listing will take place in the Launchpad area. Users can participate in the launchpad by holding MX tokens. This way they can earn free airdrops.

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paired token mexc launchpad mx token paired

Paired Token Features

The flagship dApp of the PairedWorld protocol is w3meet, an innovative mobile application pioneering a reward and reputation-based meet-and-win ecosystem. w3meet aims to demonstrate that the true essence of Web3 lies in its capacity to enable communities and individuals to function similarly to biological ecosystems, nurturing interconnectedness and mutual growth through real-life interactions.

w3meet marks the birth of the first SocialFi/DeSoc application for the tangible world.
$PAIRED Token: $PAIRED emerges as a groundbreaking token that leverages cutting-edge technology to bring purpose to life through meaningful human connections that are not only respected but encouraged. $PAIRED, which serves as the reward, governance and utility token of the ecosystem, is obtained through participation in Meetups.

Recently, the project released its Go-to-Market Strategy, announcing IDO at GameFi, Enjinstarter, Red Kite, Spores Network, GainsPad, and a series of IEOs followed by the launch of the $PAIRED token.

What is Sekuya (SKYA) Token and How to Buy It?


Sekuya is a video game company headquartered in Singapore. Born from a community, Sekuya aims to revolutionize the gaming world with a community-driven approach in a brand new anime epic fantasy universe. So exactly, what is Sekuya (SKYA) Token, how and where to buy it?

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What is Sekuya (SKYA) Token?

Sekuya combines the immersive worlds of the MOBA and MMORPG genres to create a unique gaming experience. Set in the vast universe of Novae Terrae, Sekuya offers players the opportunity to explore ten different worlds, customize characters using artificial intelligence, and participate in dynamic 5v5 battles. With the innovative integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Sekuya is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry.

How and Where to Buy Sekuya (SKYA) Token?

Sekuya is first purchased from the exchange. To purchase, follow the steps below;

  1. Sign Up Here. 
  2. Find the SKYA/USDT trading pair.
  3. You can now buy and sell. 

It’s going to Ekosistemi

In Sekuya, players or “Jumpers” are at the center of the adventure, driving the narrative and shaping the game world. The SKYA token will be at the core of the Sekuya economy, facilitating in-game transactions, player rewards and access to special events. Beyond gaming, the Sekuya ecosystem includes real-world asset (RWA) integrations and deep NFT functionalities that bridge virtual and physical spaces.

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Sekuya Key Features

  • AI-Driven Character Customization
  • Create and develop your character with advanced artificial intelligence tools.
  • Interactive Game World
  • Immerse yourself in rich stories and interact with AI-driven NPCs.
  • Economic Depth
  • Use SKYA tokens within and beyond the game universe.
  • Community Oriented Development
  • Be part of a growing game that values ​​community feedback.

Sekuya Token Supply, Information and Data

Sekuya’s token code will be $SKYA with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. These tokens will serve as base currency and utility tokens in the Sekuya Multiverse ecosystem, powering a variety of activities such as gaming, community engagement, brand labs, intellectual property (IP) development, and more.

Sekuya will first be listed on the Gate exchange. Listing will take place on the USDT trading pair. Do not trust unreliable sources.

What is Laika AI (LKI) Token and How to Buy It?


The native token of the Laika AI project will be listed on exchanges for the first time. In this article, we will answer the questions of what is Laika AI (LKI) token and how to buy it?

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What is Laika AI (LKI) Token?

Laika AI’s feature-rich platform includes advanced tools for Token contract analysis, Wallet Analysis, DeFi research, NFT Authenticity, Signature data decoding, AI model for on-chain analytics, and On-Chain data layer building for AI applications. These tools are designed to provide users with invaluable information about the assets and platforms they interact with and provide a greater sense of security and confidence in their Web3 interactions.

How to Buy Laika Ai (LKI) Token?

To purchase Laika Ai, follow the steps below;

  • Sign Up Here. 
  • Complete all verifications.
  • Find Laika token in USDT trading pair.
  • You are ready to trade.

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Features of LAIKA AI

  • Developed by Google AI (Web 3 and AI) for the startup program.
  • Grant was received from Covalent Team with a comprehensive data sharing agreement.
  • Received grants from Space ID, Team BNB, and other blockchains
  • Top supporters and Partners – Linea, Manta Network, BNB Chain, ZK Sync, OKX Web3
  • 15,000 Weekly Active Users, 50,000+ Installs, 4 Million+ views on Galxe.
  • 830,000+ Users served, 650,000+ Contracts analyzed across 18 EVM Chains
  • More than 3 Million Unique requests processed in the extension
  • More than 10 EVM chains are available for Multi-Chain Laika Swap

What is LAIKA (LKI) Token Used for, Features

1. Private AI Access : Use Laika tokens to pay for exclusive access to advanced AI features. This may include:

  • Detailed market analysis.
  • Personalized trading tips.
  • Forecast market trends.
  • Access to historical data and forecasts.

2. Token Staking Rewards: Implement a staking system where users can lock their Laika tokens to receive rewards. This may include:

  • Lower transaction fees.
  • Higher priority for AI chat responses.
  • Staking rewards in the form of additional Laika tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

3. Governance and Voting Rights: Give Laika token holders the right to participate in governance decisions such as:

  • New features will be added to the platform.
  • Adjustments to transaction fees.
  • Direction of artificial intelligence development.

4. AI-Enhanced Portfolio Management: Offer an AI-powered portfolio management service where users can pay with Laika tokens; This service may include:

  • Automated trading strategies.
  • Portfolio rebalancing recommendations.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation recommendations.

5. Discounted Services for Token Payments: Provide discounts on various services if payments are made in Laika tokens and encourage their use in other currencies, for example:

  • Lower interchange fees.
  • Discounts on subscription plans.
  • Discounted prices for educational content.

6. Tiered User Status: Implement a tiered system where holding certain amounts of Laika tokens increases the user’s status and unlocks:

  • Advanced customer support.
  • Access to beta features.
  • Increased API call limits.

7. Rewards Programs: Launch a rewards program where users will earn Laika tokens for:

  • Directing new users to the platform.
  • Contributing to community discussions and support.
  • Completion of training modules.

What is Nyan Heroes (NYAN) Token and How to Buy It?


Nyan Heroes, which has been the most played game on the Epic Games platform for a long time, is preparing to list its in-game currency, Nyan token, on the stock exchanges. So, exactly, what is Nyan Heroes (NYAN) token and how to buy it?

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What is Nyan Heroes (NYAN) Token ?

In Nyan Heroes, you play as a Nyan cat piloting the Guardian Mech, set in a futuristic world where fantasy and science fiction elements intertwine. Our goal is to create a rich gaming experience powered by a fair, sustainable in-game economy that players will deeply enjoy, regardless of skill or investment.

Nyan token is the in-game currency. It was developed for use in in-game buying and selling and stock market trading.

How to Buy Nyan Heroes (NYAN) Token?

Nyan will be listed for the first time. To purchase, follow the steps below;

  • Sign up here.
  • Complete all verifications.
  • Find NYAN token in USDT trading pair.
  • You are ready to trade.


What started as an NFT project featuring cute cats riding space circles has now become one of the most anticipated games in the web3 gaming industry. Nyan Heroes offers an incredibly high-quality battle royale experience that players can enjoy with a variety of classes, equipment, and deep lore to keep everyone busy beyond just shooting enemies.

Nyan Heroes is set on Nekovia, once a thriving world and home to the largest civilization ever known in the metaverse. History never repeats itself, and so wars, rebellions and betrayals became the downfall of the great Nekovia.

After millennia of turmoil and destruction, a technological breakthrough became Nekovia’s salvation and path to peace. The Starlight Corporation’s finest engineers and scientists took it upon themselves to discover how to extract a new form of energy from Nekovia’s natural resources, eventually using it to power massive machines that technologically advanced their civilization.

Their experiments were successful, and the Nyans expanded their reach, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and defeating anyone who dared to stand in their way. With the amount of power at their disposal, or in this case, their claws, they quickly burned through the newly discovered natural resource. It brought the entire civilization to the brink of extinction. The remaining hope for preserving life lies in the handful of underground survivors who continue to fight.

Binance Announces Jupiter (JUP) Coin Listing!


Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it will list the Jupiter (JUP) Coin project. After the announcement, users started researching the Jupiter (JUP) Coin project. Here, all the answers about Binance Jupiter (JUP) Coin Token listing date, when it will be listed, and listing details are in this article.

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Binance, Jupiter (JUP) Coin Listing Details

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange announced that it will list the JUP Token project, within the scope of requests and suggestions from users. Here are the details shared about the listing;

  • Binance will list Jupiter (JUP) and begin trading for these spot trading pairs at 15:30 (UTC) on 01/31/2024.
  • New Spot Trading Pairs: JUP/USDT, JUP/FDUSD and JUP/TRY.
  • Users can now start depositing JUP in preparation for trading.
  • Withdrawal will be opened as of 01.02.2024 15:30 (UTC).
  • JUP Listing Fee: 0 BNB.
  • Additionally, Binance will add JUP as a new borrowable asset with this new margin pair to Isolated Margin within 48 hours from 01/31/2024 15:30 (UTC).
  • New Isolated Margin Pair: JUP/USDT
  • For the most up-to-date list of marginal holdings and more information on specific limits and rates, please see Margin Data.
  • The Seed Tag will be applied to JUP.
  • TRY is a fiat currency and does not represent other digital currencies.
  • The withdrawal open time is an estimated time for users’ reference. Users can see the actual status of their withdrawal on the withdrawal page.

Binance Jupiter (JUP) Coin Token listing date, when it will be listed, and listing details are in this article.

How to Buy Binance Jupiter JUP Token?

  1. Create Account Here
  2. Complete KYC verification.
  3. Transfer fiat or crypto to your account in 5 easy steps.
  4. Start your investment in JUP/USDT, JUP/FDUSD and JUP/TRY trading pairs.

About Jupiter JUP Token

As one of the industry’s most advanced swap aggregation engines, Jupiter is successful in providing the necessary liquidity infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem. Moreover, Jupiter is actively expanding its DeFi product offerings, which include a comprehensive suite that includes Limit Order, DCA/TWAP, Bridge Comparator, and Perpetuals Trading.

JUP token project is a project located in the Solana ecosystem. Thanks to the project, you can carry out transactions such as swap, bridge and liquidity with the most affordable prices and high performance. JUP, the native token of the project, can gain serious momentum with Binance.

Earn Free Manta Coins with Binance Launchpool!


Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance continues to distribute new coins to its investors via Launchpool. You can also earn free Manta coins / tokens by staking BNB and FDUSD for free. Here are the Binance Launchpool Manta coin details. How can you earn Manta coins? All the answers are in this article..

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Binance Launchpool Manta Coin Details

The world’s largest and leading cryptocurrency exchange distributes new cryptocurrencies free of charge through Binance Launchpool, without being listed on exchanges. All you have to do is become a member of the exchange and stake BNB or FDUSD in the Launchpool area. In return for this stake, you will earn Manta coins at certain time intervals. Here is the announcement shared by Binance;

Dear Binance members,

Binance is excited to announce the 44th project on Binance Launchpool — Manta (MANTA), the modular L2 for ToM applications. It is estimated that the web page will be ready 5 hours before Launchpool starts.

Users will be able to stake their BNB and FDUSD in separate pools to collect MANTA tokens for two days starting 16.01.2024 00:00 (UTC).

How to Earn and Buy Manta Coin?

  1. Create an account here and win Manta before anyone else
  2. Complete KYC verification.
  3. Transfer fiat or crypto to your account in 5 easy steps.
  4. Purchase tokens for the pool you want to stake.
  5. Earn free Manta coins / tokens at certain time intervals.

When Will Binance List Manta Coin?

Binance will list MANTA on 18.01.2024 at 10:00 (UTC) and it will be available for trading with trading pairs MANTA/BTC, MANTA/USDT, MANTA/BNB, MANTA/FDUSD and MANTA/TRY. Seed Label will be applied to MANTA. The seed tag is applied to coins with high volatility potential.

About Manta Coin

Manta Network is a modular ecosystem for web3. Users can build and deploy Solidity-based decentralized applications on Manta and leverage its technology stack to deliver faster transaction speeds than L1 and lower gas costs than L2.

5ireChain (5ire) Bybit Launchpad Begins!


5irechain (5ire) Coin, which almost the entire crypto world has been eagerly awaiting, will be available for sale on the Bybit exchange via Launchpad. Bybit Launchpad is a pre-sale service where newly released coins and tokens are distributed through Airdrop and sales.

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5ireChain (5ire) Bybit Launchpad Details

Innovative cryptocurrency exchange Bybit announced to users that the 5irechain launchpad will start on November 28 at 14:00. As a result, it is better to hurry. It is important to transfer USDT after completing your registration to the exchange above. Bybit can pre-sale with USDT.

5irechain bybit launchpad 5ire bybit launchpad

5irechain will be listed on almost all exchanges in a short time. The project has investors and partners from almost the entire cryptocurrency world. You can view some of their partners below. It is highly likely that the project will be popular among so many huge investors. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you follow the project soon.

About 5irechain

The 5ire ecosystem aims to shift the paradigm from a profit-oriented economy to a benefit-oriented economy. This is achieved by embedding sustainability and social impact deep within the 5ireChain runtime logic and ensuring that activities aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are highly incentivized on-chain or in the real world.

It is a fifth-generation layer 1 blockchain ecosystem designed with economic and environmental sustainability at its core and is one of India’s fastest growing unicorns, powered by a global community.

About Bybit

Bybit is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange that is among the top 10 among all cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange has dozens of services such as passive income, futures, pre-sale, margin, staking and spot trading.