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What is Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token and How to Buy It?

Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token was listed on exchanges for the first time. The listing brought with it some questions from thousands of users. So, exactly, what is Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token and how to Buy it?

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What is Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token ?

Thetanuts Finance is a decentralized on-chain options protocol focused on altcoin options and allows users to take long or short positions in on-chain options.

Thetanuts Finance’s first release in September 2021 saw the launch of Basic Vaults, where Basic Vaults sells cash-settled (“OTM”) European cash-settled options to accredited market makers, generating returns for users in the form of option premiums.

With the V3 upgrade, Thetanuts Finance will move towards a decentralized on-chain options protocol focused on altcoin options. Our first-to-market v3 architecture uses our existing Base Vault LP Tokens to extend new use cases in on-chain options trading, enabled by the Lending Marketplace and Uniswap v3 Pools, all hosted on the v3 interface.

$XYZ-C (Call Vault LP Token) and $XYZ-P (Put Vault LP Token) represent these tokenized Base Vault positions and form the backbone of all trading strategies in Thetanuts Finance v3.

How to Buy Thetanuts Finance (NUTS) Token?

Nuts Token is purchased from the most reliable Gate.io exchange. To purchase, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Sign Up Here
  2. You can start trading on the NUTS/USDT trading pair. 
  3. You are now ready to trade. 

Important Milestones

History Major Milestone

September 2021

Launch of Base Vaults, which allow users to sell OTM Europaen cash-settled options to accredited market makers.

April 2022

An $18 million Seed round was raised with participation from QCP Capital, Deribit, Paradigm, GSR, Wintermute, Jump, GoldenTree, Tribe Capital and others .

June 2022

Launch of Thetanuts Finance Stronghold, an index product that combines multiple Core Strongholds.

January 2023

Launch of other Vaults including Tall Vaults (Buy side vaults), Degen Vaults (Exotic vaults), Roller Vaults (Physically located vaults in Europe).

April 2023

$17 million raised in Series A round led by Polychain Capital .

November 2023

Launch of Thetanuts Finance v3 Incentivized Alpha.

1st Quarter 2024

Launch of Thetanuts Finance v3 Mainnet. [Corrected] launch.

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