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What is Arrow Markets (Arrow) Token and How to Buy It?

Arrow token will be listed in the Startup area for the first time and distributed as Airdrop. In this article, we will share all the details about what Arrow Markets (Arrow) token is and how to buy it. 

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What is Arrow Markets (Arrow) Token ?

In the traditional options market, options must be sold by a writer who receives the premium from the buyer and is responsible for paying the buyer if the option is exercised in the money.

As an options protocol on Avalanche, Arrow Markets provides users with the ability to purchase options without needing to be matched by a broker. Arrow will facilitate the creation and settlement of options on popular underlying assets such as AVAX, ETH, and BTC. 

Arrow Markets  is a global leader with backers from New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and London, including Framework Ventures, Alameda Ventures, QCP Soteria, DeFi Capital, RenGen, CMS Holdings, Avalanche Foundation and Delphi Digital Ventures. It is a project.

How to Buy Arrow Markets (Arrow) Token?

Arrow token will be listed on the Gate exchange in the startup area for the first time. Users can earn airdrops according to their VIP level. To purchase, follow the steps below;

  1. Sign Up Here. 
  2. Find the ARROW/USDT trading pair.
  3. You can now buy and sell. 

What is Arrow Token used for?

Arrow will enable end users to interact with DFMs (decentralized financial markets) built around arbitrary cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and AVAX. DFMs simplify the creation and settlement of options and allow users to create customized assets by combining options for strike, expiration, and underlying values.

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The Arrow platform is inspired in part by Nobel Prize-winning economists Kenneth Arrow and Gerard Debreu, who showed that the prices of financial assets could be reduced to the prices of a set of underlying contracts called Arrow-Debreu securities. Similarly, option contracts provide the basis for the prices of financial assets, allowing the creation of a wide variety of derivative and structured products.

The platform works by combining a decentralized aggregate counterparty (DAC) (responsible for settlement) with an options factory. Combining DAC with options factory gives us a decentralized financial market (DFM). The DAC and option factory can run on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains.

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