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5ireChain (5ire) Bybit Launchpad Begins!

5irechain (5ire) Coin, which almost the entire crypto world has been eagerly awaiting, will be available for sale on the Bybit exchange via Launchpad. Bybit Launchpad is a pre-sale service where newly released coins and tokens are distributed through Airdrop and sales.

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5ireChain (5ire) Bybit Launchpad Details

Innovative cryptocurrency exchange Bybit announced to users that the 5irechain launchpad will start on November 28 at 14:00. As a result, it is better to hurry. It is important to transfer USDT after completing your registration to the exchange above. Bybit can pre-sale with USDT.

5irechain bybit launchpad 5ire bybit launchpad

5irechain will be listed on almost all exchanges in a short time. The project has investors and partners from almost the entire cryptocurrency world. You can view some of their partners below. It is highly likely that the project will be popular among so many huge investors. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you follow the project soon.

About 5irechain

The 5ire ecosystem aims to shift the paradigm from a profit-oriented economy to a benefit-oriented economy. This is achieved by embedding sustainability and social impact deep within the 5ireChain runtime logic and ensuring that activities aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are highly incentivized on-chain or in the real world.

It is a fifth-generation layer 1 blockchain ecosystem designed with economic and environmental sustainability at its core and is one of India’s fastest growing unicorns, powered by a global community.

About Bybit

Bybit is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange that is among the top 10 among all cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange has dozens of services such as passive income, futures, pre-sale, margin, staking and spot trading.

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Disclaimer: This is a press release and what is written here does not reflect the views of the team and does not constitute investment advice. High risk of loss should be taken into consideration in leveraged transactions, cryptocurrency investments, and pre-sale purchases, and extensive research should be done before investing in any platform.



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