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Bitcicoin Price Prediction, Review 2023

Bitci stock market, which has the position of being Turkey’s first local blockchain stock market, continues to grow day by day. Bitcicoin, the main heart of the stock market, is the most followed crypto asset by investors. In this article, we will be sharing Bitcicoin review, price prediction, support and resistance levels with you.

Bitcoin Review, Price Prediction April, May 2023

As, we share with you the comments, price predictions and analysis data of Bitcoin and other altcoins . The data contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not within the scope of investment advice. 

According to forecast data analysis, Bitcoin price is expected to surpass the $0.00543 level. By the end of the year,  while Bitcoin is at the minimum level of $ 0.00439, the potential to exceed the maximum  level of $ 0.0106  does not go unnoticed. 

When we look at other comments and analyzes, the Digital Coin Price site states that the rise for Bitcoin will begin in April. In April, he estimates the minimum price to be $0.00415 and  the maximum price to be $0.0106.  

Experts at Amb Crypto shared their price predictions for Bitcoin in April and May 2023. According to the analysis, the price of Bitcicoin can range from $0.0066 to $0.0099, and the average price of BITCI can be around $0.0083.

Wallet Investor: Based on available data,  Bitcoin  (  BITCI  ) and potentially the market environment has been in a bearish cycle for the past 12 months (if any). Our ai cryptocurrency analyst   hints that there will be a positive  trend in the future and  BITCI could be good for investing to  make money  .

Bitcoin Support and Resistance Levels

Resistance Level (R3):  0.00554
Resistance Level (R2):  0.00536
Resistance Level (R1):  0.00526
Pivot Point:  0.005081
Support Level (S1):  0.00497
Support Level (S2):  0, 00480
Support Level (S3):  0.00469

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcicoin (BITCI) is the Cryptocurrency on the Bitci Blockchain. Bitcichain uses proof of authority. Proof of Authority is a reputation-based consensus algorithm that provides practical and efficient solutions for blockchain networks (especially private networks). Bitcicoin was established to provide Blockchain solutions to businesses, corporate firms, sports clubs. Fan Tokens in Bitci parity are supported by real sports clubs, institutions and businesses. The total Bitcoin supply is reported as 100,000,000,000 BITCI.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

When you want to buy Bitcicoin, you can choose Bitci, Turkey’s local stock market. You can find information about the stock market here . You can start your registration to the stock market by clicking Go to Site .

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