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Ana SayfaICOKicks coin is listed on the !

Kicks coin is listed on the !

Kicks coin is listed on the gateio exchange. So what exactly is kicks coin, how to get it .

What is Kicks Coin?

Kicks coin is the governance token for the GetKicks ecosystem. Holders can spend their kicks to purchase boosts that amplify their $LACE earnings, and to increase their chance to win higher rarity Kick NFTs when opening KickBoxes. Holders can stake $KICKS and claim their rewards.

These rewards include Kick NFT allocations, KickBoxes, and LACE tokens.$KICKS is the exclusive currency used on the GetKicks NFT marketplace.GetKicks is a community-owned project! Kicks holders and stakers are able to vote on governance proposals that determine the direction of the GetKicks ecosystem.

How to Buy Kicks Coin?

About Getkicks

GetKicks aims to make lucrative earning opportunities for everyone that has a smart device. You don’t have to own Crypto to start; our game is available for everybody!

Our Mission is to bring sneakerheads to the era of Web3 and get them moving! They will be connected through their shared interest in earning tokens while getting fit!GetKicks allows players to be active together by using Club Mode or just on their own with our Solo Mode. Get Kicks will also start hosting Marathon Tournaments where people will be able to climb up the leaderboards and earn some nice prizes like tokens, Kicks, KickBoxes, or accessories. Moreover, players will also be able to challenge each other directly using PvP mode, where the real action begins and players are able to stake tokens against each other.

Lastly, GetKicks will introduce a background mode that allows players to earn even while not actively using the app!GetKicks thrives on releasing the best utility possible for our Kick NFT holders while ensuring that they are the freshest-looking kicks you have ever seen. Players will be able to upgrade their Kick NFTs, which will not only increase the stats of their Kick but also opens up new perks like being able to lease your Kick or add accessories to it. These accessories can be used to enhance the stats of your Kick even further and can be obtained on the marketplace or via a KickBox.

Each KickBox either holds a Kick, accessories or if you are really lucky, both. These KickBoxes can be minted using your own kicks, found while actively playing in either Solo or Club mode, or directly bought via the marketplace.All in all, GetKicks is here to change the Move 2 Earn space by introducing a dual deflationary tokenomics model and focussing on unique value propositions. Instead of just focusing on health and fitness, GetKicks emphasizes its focus on so-called sneakerheads, both through partnerships with existing streetwear and sneaker brands and through the designs of our futuristic and fashionable Kick NFTs.

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