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O-mee (OME) Coin Will Be Listed on Gateio Startup

O-Mee (OME) Token is available for pre-sale for the first time on the Gate.io startup space. As part of the pre-sale, users will receive airdrops based on their VIP levels. There may be high demand for this free event. So what exactly is O-Mee (OME) Token and where to buy it?

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What is O-Mee (OME) Token / Coin?

O-MEE is a social media network with a subscription service and NFT marketplace. OME Token is the native token and cryptocurrency of the network.

O-MEE aims to attract creators and influencers who can upload, create, share and sell their artwork all in one place. Creators can connect their mainstream social media accounts to republish their existing work on their profiles showcasing content to the O-MEE community. Additionally, creators can create and mint both new and republished artworks, allowing them to sell and monetize their artworks on the O-MEE NFT marketplace.

Within the O-MEE ecosystem, the OME token is designed to be the main utility token that benefits the O-MEE network and user adoption. Native token OME is the backbone and plays an indispensable role in our business model.

The company has developed and integrated a number of use cases to provide additional benefits to token holders. Native token adoption can be used to facilitate platform activity featured on our social networking, subscription and NFT marketplace services.

Where to Buy O-Mee (OME)?

  • To participate in the OME pre-sale, Start Your Gate.io Bonus Registration Here.
  • Complete all verifications. The verifications here are for your account security and your participation in the pre-sale in the Startup area.
  • Maintain at least 10 USDT in spot balance.
  • This amount is shown as collateral to win an airdrop. As soon as the amount is withdrawn, it is in your sports balance and is not locked.
  • After participating in the Startup area, the rewards will be reflected in your balance on the day of listing.

O-Mee (OME) Gateio Startup

OME will be listed on the Gateio Startup domain for the first time and distributed via airdrop. As the name suggests, the startup project is still in its early stages; factors such as the operation and underlying technology of the project and other relevant regulatory activities may lead to significant risks.

Gate.io provides the opportunity to earn airdrops by listing new projects in the Startup area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is O-Mee (OME) Coin?

OME is the native cryptocurrency of the O-Mee social media network.

How to buy O-Mee (OME)?

It is purchased by joining the Startup area on the OME Gate.io exchange.

When will O-Mee (OME) be listed?

It will be listed after the OME startup activity.

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