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What is 3 Kingdoms Multiverse (3KM Coin)?

What is the 3 Kingdoms Multiverse (3KM Coin), which came to the agenda with the news of listing on the Gateio stock exchange, and How to Buy?

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What is 3 Kingdoms Multiverse (3KM Coin)?

3KM coin turns into a governance token, which is the foundation of a multi-game platform ecosystem with various elements. The first game, Three Kingdoms Multiverse, will be published and put into service. The ecosystem will expand over time. They are building a Klaytn- based ecosystem through an agreement with ISKRA and are open to engaging with various partners involved in ISKRA and the Klaytn foundation.

The team wants to take on the challenge of changing the world. Believing that Play to Win is not just about making money through gaming. But it’s about building a self-sustaining eco-system by collaborating with all members of the eco-system. The self-growth ecosystem they think it means is an eco-system where blockchain is used to independently produce and consume.

To this end, they want to circumvent the inflation caused by endless token mining by adding usage (burning) and authorizing production to users in the game, limiting them to a reward system limited to obtaining simple tokens only. It is possible to establish a fair system where all users can run the ecosystem together.

The 3KM project was launched for the P2E ecosystem. The aim of this project is to create new value by providing an easy way for users unfamiliar with blockchain technology to participate. In this way, 3KM ecosystem participants will have unique assets and receive rewards. The 3KM project will be available to global users targeting those who want to earn income by playing games.

3KM first game

Three Kingdom’s Multiverse (“3KM”) is a triple story-based Play to Win game focused on NFTs and blockchain.

You can earn token rewards by clearing the stage while collecting massive stories, heroes, and items. With about 370 different combinations of attack, defense, rescue, support and magical heroes, you can enjoy exciting competitions between users, collect and strengthen special equipment for each type of hero, and complete a stronger team combination to enjoy the game.

3KM awaits you with a variety of PvE and PvP core content such as mission mode, one-on-one matches and invasion battles, as well as attractive token payouts. Generate tokens, reserve and collect NFT numbers and equipment! More rewards and powerful hero classes will welcome you. You can grow by collecting 3KM games, 3KM management tokens and utility tokens, DTC tokens for Free in Play Free, Play to Win format, and meet even stronger numbers through NFT purchasing and development.

Who is the founder of 3KM Coin?

The founder of 3KM Coin is Lee Sukju. Mr. Seok-Joo Lee is an online marketing expert with 20 years of experience. He served as CEO of Utum Communications and has extensive experience with SK Telecom’s online/offline agency _B2C, B2B_. He is also an expert in viral marketing for the three major mobile service providers in Korea.

How many saw the highest price of 3KM?

3KM price has seen the highest ₺1.5857.

What is the lowest price of 3KM?

3KM price has seen the highest ₺0.9448.

Where and how to get 3 Kingdoms Multiverse?

In order to start trading 3KM coins, first of all, register via the link in the article entry. The primary action to be taken after registration should be authentication.

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