What is Bear Inu Coin?

With the sound of the bull’s footsteps, meme tokens began to appear. What is the Bear Inu Coin, which has recently attracted a lot of attention from investors, and how to buy it?

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What is a Bear Inu Coin?

Bear Inu aims to build a safe place for people to share their experiences without judgment, gain freedom, and spread their stories about the gains/losses of the 2023 bear market to the community and around the world!


n short, Bear Inu is a meme token in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. To give an example about meme tokens, Dogecoin, Shiba, Baby Doge are among the biggest meme tokens.

About Meme Tokens: Meme Tokens are community-driven projects, often created as a joke.

Bear Inu Game (Play – Win)

We believe blockchain games should be simple for our investors. We use simple game mechanics that all players can enjoy, whether they play regularly or not. Players get what they earn in our games. If you win or win Tokens or NFT, it’s yours. Items in the game will be verifiable assets on the blockchain that you can trade with other people or play within the game.

How to Buy Bear Inu?

Bear Inu will be listed on Mexc among trusted exchanges. The announcement took place at the same time as the article date. Here you can find information about Mexc . You can start your registration with Bonus by selecting Go to Site . During registration;

  • Mail and Sms verification
  • KYC verification

You can start trading by transferring some USDT after completing exchange verifications such as

Bear Inu Tokenomics

  • 95% locked with monthly entitlement until 100% unlocked
  • 2% Enhancement
  • 0.5% Marketing
  • %0,5 NFT Linup
  • 0.8% Overall Sales
  • 0.7% Team
  • %0.5 Ecosystem

Bear Inu SSS

What is Bear Inu Coin?

Bear Inu Coin is a community driven meme token.

What is the total supply of Bear Inu?

The total supply of Bear coin is 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Would the Bear Inu be worth $1?

This is impossible given current supply and market value.

Is Bear Inu listed on Binance?

Binance listing is very difficult at the moment. Binance exchange listing requirements are very high.

What was the lowest Bear Inu saw?

Bear hit the low of $0.0000003798.

How tall did Bear Inu see?

Bear hit $0.00002072 high.

How Much Is a Bear Inu in Dollars Today?

$0.00001653 with the date of writing You can check the current price here .

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