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What is XX Blockchain ?

The xx blockchain is the decentralization mechanism of the xx network, allowing independently operated nodes to come to a publicly verifiable agreement on the execution of transactions and network operations. What is XX Blockchain ? 

What is XX Blockchain ?

The xx blockchain consists of a blockchain data structure which immutably publishes the transaction results, and a consensus mechanism to enforce the collective agreement on the state of data by a quorum of nodes.

Building on the pioneering work of others in the blockchain space, the xx network has developed a new consensus protocol, called xx consensus, that achieves linear scalability. Xx consensus is based on a family of protocols, called byzantine fault tolerant (BFT) consensus, characterized by low latencies, safety during large-scale node failure, and the ability to remain secure if up to one-third of the network is compromised or goes offline. xx consensus is distinguished from existing BFT approaches in its quantum resistance, high transaction throughput, and ability to scale to thousands of nodes.

xx consensus leverages three core innovations:

  • Committed Randomness is a way to generate unmanipulatable global randomness every block. Each node in the xx network publicly commits (using hash functions) to a large number of random values that they generate but keep secret. Every round, a node who is chosen to be a block producer (by a prior round’s random), reveals a predetermined secret that is verifiable by the rest of the network. When combined with the chain of all prior revealed randoms extending back to the random published in the genesis block, a new verifiable but unmanipulatable random is generated to schedule nodes for subsequent rounds.
  • Endorser Sampling enables xx consensus to achieve its scaling properties by randomly selecting a constant-sized subset of the network to endorse a block. In BFT consensus protocols, communication latency becomes unworkable as the network grows in size, as all nodes must communicate with all other nodes. To compound the problem, a majority of nodes must receive and verify every transaction, which becomes infeasible when dealing with large, quantum-secure signatures in a large network. By sampling a subset of the network to receive, verify, and endorse the transactions in a block, the majority of nodes only need to receive a condensed ledger of all transactions along with the endorsement of the sampled nodes.
  • Compact Group Endorsement Signatures can not only improve consensus performance but also allow for mobile devices to efficiently receive and verify proof that a transaction is complete. The xx network has developed a new quantum-secure group-signature scheme based on hash signatures that vastly reduces the size of proofs of finality. To achieve this, each endorser signs only a small number of bits corresponding to the block. As a result, each individual signature is insecure on its own, but if enough endorsers sign the same block, then the signature as a whole is quantum-secure, compact, and quick to validate.

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