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What is XX Messenger ?

An ultra-private messaging app, powered by the quantum-resistant and decentralized xx network . What is XX Messenger ?

What is XX Messenger ?

Many messenger apps claim to protect your privacy by using end-to-end encryption to obscure the information in your messages. This is not enough to protect you. Crucial metadata in your apps can link you to who you’re talking to, and when – data that can be used to uncover a lot of personal information about you, manipulate your opinions, and more.

xx messenger protects you from this type of surveillance by using its one-of-a-kind metadata shredding algorithm, cMix. Your communications on xx messenger belong to you and only you.

  • Is the first and only messenger that truly protects communication between sender and receiver. All messages are not only end-to-end encrypted, but no metadata is ever – or can be – collected.
  • xx messenger protects you from surveillance by using its one-of-a-kind metadata shredding algorithm, cMix.
  • Your communications on xx messenger belong to you and only you.
  • The xx messenger is currently, and will always be completely open-source. This is part of our mission to make our tech accessible and transparent.

Quantum Secure Messaging

All modern messaging solutions rely on cryptography that may be vulnerable to nation-state adversaries and the emerging threat of quantum computers. Data that is encrypted now can be cracked in the future with this technology.

xx messenger, built on the xx network blockchain, simultaneously achieves the decentralization, speed, privacy, and long-term security required to protect your communications long-term.

How to Download XX Messenger ?

  • For Android Users
  • For Apple Users
  • After downloading the application, click on Get Started.
  • Create a username. (Choose Your Username)
  • Follow the instructions requested from you .

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