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Ana SayfaICODEFY Coin is on Sale on Bybit Launchpad !

DEFY Coin is on Sale on Bybit Launchpad !

DEFY Coin is on Sale on Bybit Launchpad ! What is Defy ? How to buy Defy coin ! DEFY is a play-and-earn NFT blockchain mobile game. 

What is Defy Coin ?

Immersing players in a metaverse that bridges the virtual and physical worlds, DEFY fuses hyper casual code-breaking gameplay, with real world exploration with augmented reality (AR) adventures.

Defy Pre-Sale Has Started!

DEFY’s in-game economy has been designed with the players experience in mind. A dual currency model is combined with an extensive set of customisable tradable game assets as well as multiple incentive mechanisms that can be leveraged by the players who are willing to put in the effort.

The DEFY token is a utility token which is key in letting users acquire in-game assets, interact with other users and enhance their effectiveness as operatives in the game. Users can redeem DEFY tokens with FCOINS (in-game currency) accumulated through in-game achievements or purchase $DEFY via a CEX or DEX.

The DEFY game is set in a futuristic dystopian world where Future Systems, a faceless corporation, has gained total control over global networks that power the internet through their influence. Players take on the role of operatives, joining inside man, kha0s in his revolution against Future Systems by hacking into their network through an exploited mobile app and stealing the new world currency, FCOIN, from wallets. Operatives require an NFT Virtual Private Mask (VPM) to join the revolution and hide their identity from Future Systems. Armed with EMP weapons, Operatives must also battle Future Systems drones, with FPS and PVP drone battles soon to come.

DEFY is currently in closed Alpha, with 5800 MAU and 2300 DAU. In Q3 2022, DEFY will transition to the Public Beta phase, with both premium and free to play pathways being introduced to grow the user base.

How to buy Defy coin ? 

In order to participate in the pre-sale, you need to complete the KYC1 level authentication on the Bybit exchange.

  • Start your Bonus registration here. ($20 Trade Reward)
  • Complete KYC1 level verification.
  • Then log in to the Launchpad section via the application or website.
  • You can view or participate in the pre-sale by selecting Defy Launchpad.

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