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Huobi CandyDrop Launches ZED & FIU

Huobi CandyDrop is launching ZED & FIU on July 31, 2022.

(Token Airdrop Event) CandyDrop launches ZED&FIU on July 31, 2022

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  • ZED : 04:00 (UTC) July 31, 2022 – 10:00 (UTC) Aug 2, 2022
  • FIU : 11:00 (UTC) July 31, 2022 – 15:00 (UTC) Aug 2, 2022


During the event, 30 crystals will be consumed for each CandyDrop participation.

How to Participate

Interested users can click here to enter the Event page and participate in the event. If your registration is not successful, please check your crystal holdings. Click here to participate.

Win your Candydrops

The CandyDrop tokens will be randomly allocated to registered participants. Winners will receive the tokens for free. The token prizes will be delivered to winners’ Spot Accounts within 12 hours.

Project Total Airdrop Amount
ZED 250,000 ZED
FIU 588,594 FIU
Calculation of allotment
Actual winning rate of individual user = total number of winners / total number of participants in the event * 100% The winning rate and final token allotment are calculated based on a matrix of user data including trading volume, trading frequency, asset balance and HT holdings, etc. When calculating asset balance for HT holders, the HT portion will be multiplied by 1.5 times.
  • CandyDrop Lucky Star:  There will be one participant selected from each CandyDrop round as our CandyDrop lucky star who can enjoy special airdrops worth 1,000USDT!
  • Claim Lucky Star Rewards: The CandyDrop Lucky Star will be noticed via SMS notification, and push, inbox, and pop-ups from Huobi APP. The lucky winner needs to email Huobi customer service ( about how he/she can receive the rewards.
  • Required Task for CandyDrop Lucky Star: The CandyDrop Lucky Star is invited to join our Huobi Live where he or she can share their experience with Huobi’s CandyDrop activities. They will lose fail to be eligible for the 1,000USDT should they fail to complete this task. Huobi customer service will contact the lucky winner 3 working days before the Huobi Live show.

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