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What is Rekt Coin, Comment and Review?

Users who have recently benefited from Arbitrum Airdrop can also earn Airdrops from some meme tokens in the Arbitrum network. Here is one of them Rekt Coin. What is Rekt Coin, Comment and Review?

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What is Rekt Coin?

Rekt Coin / Token is a purely meme token with no team, no benefits for the ecosystem. According to the data on the official website, Rekt coin was created to ensure that investing is exciting, not boring. In short, Rekt does not serve any project or roadmap.

The main reason why Rekt is so popular is the Airdrop distributed to Arbitrum users.

Rect Coin Airdrop

According to data from the site, Rekt has distributed 84,000,000,000,000 Rekt tokens to users who previously benefited from the Arbitrum airdrop. All of this amount has been distributed to users.


The total Rekt supply is 420,000,000,000,000 units. 84,000,000,000,000 of this supply has been distributed to users benefiting from the Arbitrum airdrop. Airdrop corresponds to 20% of the supply. 10% of the supply will be distributed to the team, 15% for marketing, 55% for LP+Staking rewards.

Team and Founder

According to the data and sources on the official site, the team and the founder are not specified. In addition, there is no whitepaper on the official site. This is the data on the site.

Rekt Coin Review

When we examine the project, you can notice that it is a completely community-oriented meme token. Meme tokens are high-risk crypto-assets that serve no purpose, often created as a joke. While meme tokens are often talked about in the community for the promise of high returns, the high risk involved is forgotten by most investors. While meme tokens show serious rises, they may fall seriously or even disappear.

Therefore, it is very risky to invest heavily in such assets. Please understand your risk and tailor your investment accordingly.

Rekt Price Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025

Rekt coin price prediction and crypto analysis are at infokripto.com. The data contained herein was obtained through analysis and is for informational purposes only. The prices in the table are not investment advice.

Year Minimum price Average price Maximum Price
2023 $0.0000000211 $0.0000000495 $0.0000000515
2024 $0.0000000503 $0.0000000575 $0.0000000609
2025 $0.0000000692 $0.0000000779 $0.0000000850
2026 $0.0000000903 $0.0000000982 $0.000000107
2027 $0.0000000903 $0.0000000982 $0.000000107
2028 $0.000000111 $0.000000125 $0.000000129
2029 $0.000000158 $0.000000174 $0.000000175
2030 $0.000000228 $0.000000238 $0.000000244
2031 $0.000000322 $0.000000335 $0.000000338
2032 $0.000000440 $0.000000455 $0.000000457

Rekt Price Forecast 2023

Rekt 2023 price analysis is on bilgikripto.com. The data contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not within the scope of any investment advice.

According to forecast data analysis, REKT  price  is expected to surpass the $0.0000000298  level  By the end of the year, Rekt is expected to reach a minimum fee of $0.0000000202. Additionally, it may be possible for REKT price to climb to the maximum level of $0.0000000509.

Rekt price forecast for April  2023 minimum $0.0000000210, average $0.0000000375 Maximum price $0.0000000498 

REKT price forecast for May  2023 minimum $0.0000000202, average $0.0000000443 Maximum price $0.0000000500 

 Rekt (REKT) price forecast for June  2023 , average $0.0000000495 minimum $0.0000000203 and Maximum price $0.0000000504

Rekt price forecast for July  2023  minimum $0.0000000195, average $0.0000000488 Maximum price $0.0000000515

REKT’s   estimated price for August  2023 is $0.0000000465 with a minimum of $0.0000000204 and a maximum price of $0.0000000509.

The REKT price forecast for September  2023 can be an average of $0.0000000218 with a minimum of $0.0000000197 and a Maximum price of $0.0000000515.

The REKT price forecast for October  2023 can be a minimum of $0.0000000207 with an average of $0.0000000404 and a Maximum price of $0.0000000504. 

Rekt ( REKT ) price forecast for November  2023  , average 0.0000000261$ minimum 0.0000000203$ Maximum price could be 0.0000000510$. 

REKT price forecast for December  2023 average $0.0000000202, minimum $0.0000000298 Maximum price $0.0000000509


Where to Buy Rekt Coin?

It is taken from the Rekt Gate.io exchange. (Bonus)

Which exchanges is Rekt available on?

It is listed on Rekt, Gate.io, Mexc , Bitget and other popular exchanges.

How much is the circulating supply of Rekt?

The circulating supply of Rekt Coin is 420,000,000,000,000 units.

What is the total supply of Rekt Coins?

Rekt’s total supply is 420.

What is the Rekt price today?

$0.0000000232 USD with date of analysis of Rekt.

Is it profitable to invest in Rekt?

Meme tokens are a risky investment vehicle.

Will the rect price drop?

Meme tokens may experience serious declines. It can even be reset.

Will Rekt replace or surpass Bitcoin?

This is not possible.

Will the rect exceed $1?

No, this is not possible at the moment.

Would the Arbitrum be $1?

No, this is not possible at the moment.

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