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What is Wojak Coin and Review

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What is Wojak Coin?

WOJAK is a crypto-asset project that aims to create a decentralized platform to connect people with the power of memes. The project was inspired by the popular internet meme of the same name, which represents a cartoonish face expressing a range of emotions.

WOJAK coin/token will serve as the native currency of the platform, enabling users to engage in various activities such as buying, selling and trading memes, participating in community-focused events and connecting with like-minded people around the world.

The project will leverage blockchain technology to create a safe and transparent ecosystem for meme enthusiasts , allowing them to showcase their creativity and express themselves freely. The platform will feature a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation and robust security protocols to ensure users can interact with each other securely and seamlessly.

By creating a decentralized platform for meme enthusiasts, WOJAK aims to empower individuals to connect with others who share the same interests, forge new relationships and build communities based on shared values ​​and shared experiences.

Supply Information

  • Total supply: 69,420,000,000
  • Circulating supply: 69,420,000,000
  • Maximum supply: 69,420,000,000

Historical Price Data

  • ATL (Lowest price): 0.0000488 – 21 April 2023 
  • ATH (Highest price): $0.0003351 – April 19, 2023
  • Lowest and highest price in the last 1 month: $0.0000488 / $0.0003351
  • Lowest and highest price in the last week: $0.00006517 / $0.0003209

Which Exchanges Is Wojak Listed On?

  • Huobi
  • Mexico
  • Bitget

Wojak Review

Wojak, which has only been in the market for 15 days, has managed to list on most of the major exchanges. The meme token, which has reached a serious volume, continues to attract the attention of investors.

The project, which uses social media actively, shares new content on its Twitter account on a daily basis. When we check their followers, most followers are organic and real people. While meme tokens provide high profits, they can also cause high losses. Wojak is a very new meme token project. Meme tokens are usually community-created crypto assets with no team and no purpose.

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