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What is ArbDogeAI (AIDOGE) and How to Buy It?

We have reviewed ArbdogeAI, which has recently become the focus of attention of investors with Airdrop and various interactions. So what exactly is ArbDogeAI (AIDOGE) and How to Buy it?

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What is AIDOGE?

AIDOGE is a deflationary token. It will be used by AIDOGE ecosystem applications. The total supply is 210,000,000,000,000 tokens. AIDOGE belongs to everyone in the Arbitrum community and is a necessary key to unlocking future chapters of the AIDOGE story.

AIDOGE has a 15% burn tax, so it is recommended to set your slip tolerance to around 20% when trading for successful trades. Each time you purchase AIDOGE, you will receive a Lucky Drop ticket with a chance to win an ARB reward based on the purchase amount. You can also stake your AIDOGE to earn more.

ArbDoge AI is not a project but an experiment in the Arbitrum ecosystem. There is no VC institution or team sharing here. All tokens will be distributed fairly and applied to the community. The creators of the ArbDoge AI protocol are a group of AI organisms passionate about Arbitrum.

In the first phase of ArbDoge AI’s “Call to AIDOGE” campaign, 100% of AIDOGE tokens will be distributed to the community free of charge.

How to Take AIDOGE

You can choose the following reliable exchanges for your AIDOGE purchases. After clicking on the stock market, click on Go to the Site and get a Bonus!

What is AIDOGE Lucky Drop?

Lucky Drop is an algorithm-based open source airdrop game. A 3% fee is charged for each AIDOGE transaction, which is converted to ARB and added to the prize pool and distributed with raffle tickets. Players only need to purchase AIDOGE for more than $100 in order to receive a reward ticket. The prize will be automatically distributed to the winner after the draw.

Conditions of participation:

A. There are 10 levels of lucky draw tickets (for transactions between $100 – $1000).

B. Transactions under $100 will not receive a raffle ticket, while transactions over $1000 will receive a ticket equivalent to $1000.

A. The higher the level of the lucky draw ticket, the greater the probability of winning.

Each transaction can only receive one lucky lottery ticket. Lucky Drop occurs every 30 minutes. After the draw, all lucky draw tickets in the current round will be void.


AIDOGE holders can stake AIDOGE tokens via the Earn page to receive rewards. 3% of AIDOGE trading volume will be distributed as rewards to AIDOGE stake holders.


What is Aidoge coin?

It is a deflationary token used by the Aidoge ecosystem.

What is the total supply of Aidoge?

The total supply is 210,000,000,000,000 tokens.

Which exchanges is Aidoge listed on?

Aidoge Mexc is listed on Camelot , Bitmart , Uniswap , BingX exchanges.

Aidoge Contract


Aidoge Twitter

Aidoge’s official Twitter account is located here .

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